space for creative empowerment

   Laughter & Breathing Class::

   Walk-In $20.00. Package of 4 $50.00

   ​Meditation and Mindfulness::

   Walk-In $20.00. Package of 4 $50.00


The Right Side has weekly classes and monthly focus events.

    Writing & Poetry Workshop::

    Walk-In $60.00. Package of 4 $200.00

The Writers & Poets Lab::

Writing Workshops

Writing for Self-Exploration and Empowerment

Poetry Workshops

Photography & Illustration

Publishing Symposium

Marketing your Books 

Each lesson 2.5 hours, excluding materials.

Thursday-Monday. By Appointment.

Art Exploration - Flexible 1                 $55          @55 per session
1 session on flexible schedule  
Art Exploration - Flexible 4/4            $200        @50 per session
4 session on flexible schedule  within 4 weeks

Art Exploration - Flexible 8/8             $320        @40 per session
8 session on flexible schedule  within 8 weeks

Art Exploration - Flexible 8/12          $360        @45 per session
8 session on flexible schedule within 12 weeks

Art Exploration - Flexible 12/12        $420        @35 per session
8 session on flexible schedule within 12 weeks

All Art Exploration Packages exclude Art Materials.

We can cater to group or corporate activities.
*Please call 9339.5658 to book your slots in advance, or email for enquiries

Members at TRS        

•$60 per hr    •$210 per 4-hour blocks   •$480 per day

Arts Groups/Artists      

•$85 per hr    •$310 per 4-hour blocks   •$690 per day


•$185 per hr  •$700 per 4-hour blocks   •$1,420 per day

Weekdays are Sundays to Thursdays; Weekends are Fridays and Saturdays
4-hour blocks are 9am to 1pm; 2pm to 6pm or 7pm to 11pm
6-hour blocks are 9am to 3pm or 4pm to 10pm
Timing of day refers to 9am to 10pm

Book Wall or Space at The Right Side for Art Exhibitions, Pop-Up Sales, Writing and Other Teaching Workshops.  

Call 93395658 or email

   Dance & Movement::

   Walk-In $25.00. Package of 4 $80.00


  ​   Art Jam with Subina::

    SGD 60 / 2.5-hours with cotton canvas*

   Art Jam with Joyotee::

   SGD 60 / 2.5-hours with cotton canvas*